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Queridas familias,

Hoy, gracias a vuestra gran generosidad, se ha podido realizar una nueva transferencia a la familia de nuestra Saray Li. Esta vez ha sido de 2500 euros.

Deciros que este dinero está siendo de gran ayuda.
Saray Li toma un tratamiento (es una combinación de complejos vitamínicos y dieta especial) que cuesta este primer mes 1.435 euros (los demás meses tendrá un coste de unos 1.000 euros). Además, ayer viajaron a Barcelona, concretamente a Rubí, dónde tras una visita al Dr. Joan Rodríguez, se les abrió una nueva puerta de esperanza. El dinero transferido hace unos dias sirvió para poder pagar los billetes de avión, la visita del doctor y parte del tratamiento.

Solo me queda daros las gracias de nuevo, gracias por vuestro gran corazón y por vuestra inmensa generosidad. Gracias por acompañar a la familia en estos momentos tan duros. Gracias en nombre de los equipos de AFAC y AFAIC, y sobre todo, gracias en nombre de nuestra princesa del viento.

Nina Queral
AFAC-Responsable de proyectos.


Este es el texto en inglés que podéis copiar para pegar en blogs, facebook, enviar a vuestros contactos…


Princess of the Winds

Saray Li is a seven year old girl who lives in Lanzarote, one of the Spanish Canary Islands. She is a Chinese princess from GuangXi province, a Princess of the Winds. Despite being so young, she is a true fighter. She has been fighting a severe cancer caused by a brain tumour since 2010. Way too much for such a little girl to handle; she has had to endure situations throughout the long and difficult process that should never have happened. Why does something so awful have to hit a little girl?

Her illness has made her travel frequently to Madrid this past year in order to receive treatment. She has had to leave family, friends and schoolmates behind. She has endured operations and harsh procedures, seldom loosing her smile.

Her parents, Manoli and Beni, have not given up. Nor do they plan to, despite the fact that things have not turned out as well as they had expected. As they often say, they travelled to the other side of the world to meet her and will continue the journey to wherever a cure for her can be found.

Saray Li now needs alternative treatments. Her family also needs our help on many levels. We can all help; some economically through donations, others dedicating time to what they do best, or through information and networking. And we can all send supportive messages that will strengthen them. Each and every one of us, in any way we can…every little thing is important and adds up.

Saray Li will be following a completely new set of treatments now and will most likely have to travel far from home. It is through this blog that we will all be able to follow her journey, receive information on how she is doing and keep up to date with ways to help and support that may develop.

As I was setting this blog up, I read a post on Twitter, “To live is to love, suffer, fight and conquer. Whoever loves suffers; those who suffer fight; and if one fights, one will conquer”. These words define our action. Saray Li loves, and is loved. She has suffered tremendously, way too much for her age. She is a true fighter. With our help, she will win her battle.

Saray Li is our Princess of the Winds. Let´s join her on this journey, fight this battle along with her.

We can all help. Will you join us to help her?


There are many ways to help Saray Li. We can all help in some way.

Here you have direct links to the proposals we have already established:

  • Donations, economical help.
  • Facebook group: you can send a message, share your thoughts…
  • Saray Li on your profile: show Saray Li your support on the diverse social networks.


Would you like to offer economical help so that Saray Li can receive treatments?

We are aware that the current monetary crisis affects us all, but any contribution however small, adds up. A single Euro from each one of us will make up quite a considerable amount in the end.

The AFAIC and AFAC associations have decided to converge all the donations to Saray Li’s family into a single bank account as well as through a Paypal account. We aim to make the process easy and clear to all.

Donations should include the following information:

  • For Saray Li
  • Your Family Name
  • Your e-mail address

To the following bank account number:

AFAC La Caixa 2100 3268 99 2200115397

Or through Paypal, a secure channel which will ask you for your VISA, Mastercard, or any other credit card information along with the total amount that you are willing to donate into our account. Visit the AFAC web page if you wish to do it this way.

More information in the Princess of the Winds  blog.